Friday, July 23, 2010

Multi coloured image..

A friend asked me to write a review about a movie I watched since its the norm with blogging. Being such a movie fanatic, I do have my fair share of favourites and suggestions. But I generally don't like suggesting with movies because I'm not your average moviegoer. At the same time, I like my masala-aam janta-mass flicks too. Confused? Let me try to explain.

For reasons unknown, my mum had me hooked into indian movies at an early age. I sometimes think she didn't want me to go out as much with friends from school. As you know, having parents that are divorced wasn't easily accepted by some people from my community. Anyway, I literally learnt to speak my mother tongue again from watching Tamil movies after forgetting it for English during inital schooling. Since then I have progressed on to watch Hindi and Telugu movies and learnt them also to comfortable level. It may have been the era that I started watching movies (early 90's) or the fact of my age, but I can safely say that my basic taste for most things in life started there.
Punngai Mannan- Kamal Hassan and Rekha
Muthu- Rajnikanth and Meena

 As I grew older (and started earning) the appeal shifted from Tamil only to Hindi, to Telugu. Nowadays, it seems you find they blend a little since more movies are remade after the original language has phenomenal success or they are advertised as an "adaptation" of the original. Once released a few turn out to be somewhat word for word translations with different/same actors. And then there are others that are just outstanding in retaining the story but making it a whole new experience. In saying that, I think what annoys me more isn't actually the Tamil- Malayalam- Telugu remakes or even the ones from the South to Bollywood industry. Its the whole concept of remaking because a film is massively successful. Honestly, is it necessary?(Ok I understand when you have someone like Kamal Hassan at the helm of things and a true believer in providing good cinema to all, it isn't just about success.) But I'm drifting away from the original statement.

I went shopping with my cousin recently and truly found myself speechless and the number of shops I could simply walk away from, empty-handed. My bank statement would have been proud but that wasn't the reason. It was just that I couldn't see myself wearing anything on the racks. My cousin said I need to become more adventurous with my style but frankly, I dont particularly like some of the mis-match state of affairs people call fashion nowadays. I like colours that suit my complexion and prefer to simple, fun and a little girly. Apparently thats old-fashioned! And it doesn't stop there. The whole concept of arrange marriage which I am quite comfortable with, is absolutely insane to her. Yet even though she is quite aware in my "old-fashioned" taste, I get asked to assist with certain selection and have been established as the make-up artist wherever needed (a fact that gives me the giggles, considering each is quite capable of doing their own make up).

So the dual personality that I created, blends itself further into my life with taste in movies too. Movies like Kaakhi Chattai starring Kamal Hassan, Ambika and Madhavi and Malluvetti Mainnar starring Sathyaraj, Seetha and Shobana are your typical masala flicks that had embarrassing choreography, shiny/printed clothes and simple stories that were the essences of the 80s/90s. But they entertained. Cut to present day, The fashion and locations have changed and the scale is much more grand but the strategy seems the same [ Paiyya/Awara (Karthi,Tamannah) Theeradha Vilayattu Pillai/Khilladi (Vishal, Neetu Chandra), King (Nagarjuna, Trisha), Singam/Yamudu(Suriya, Anushka) to name a few]. The "art film" category although was rare in the beginning, has flourished somewhat but I dont think you can make a Kuruthipunal/Drohi ( Kamal Hassan, Arjun), Nila Kaalam or Avathaaram (Nassar, Revathy) again and ever create the cinematic impact they were intended for. So while the list of movies has such a broad spectrum in genre, my adaptability helps me see the entertainment in all. A fact which helps understand the concept of the imagination and the reality it is based on.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

My Inspirations To Love

I've had some time to look at few blogs the last couple of days and realise that there's a personal touch to all of them. I have been adding my own thoughts but today I felt like Introducing you to some of my family. Its because of the individuals that my life has some happiness that outshines the sadness. And that is their existence in it.

These lovely ladies you see are apart of my extended family but are no less close than immediate.

This poem is about one of them.


She's not so proper
But just as sweet
How can you forget her
Once you hear her greet

Yet pleasantries aside
She does have a temper
Stubborn as a mule
Don't even tempt her

But with a persona so grand
And an attitude to boot
It's hard not to love
Her craziness so cute

Her curls are endless
Her friends list as well
There's no denying her
As the stories will tell

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Reel Romance

The following videos are just a few songs that I love...Hope you like it (P.s. I'll updating this post as the songs are available in HD)

Friday, July 9, 2010

A Thorn in the Side

When one sets out to do a job, there will always be obstacles. It takes courage and determination to get through every one of them. Some literally go through brick walls to get to their task/job/achievement. I have often looked back at life thinking what have I achieved that I am proud of. Unfortunately, these questions come up when I'm depressed so I generally don't see what others see in me. It's this self-doubt that I believe is where most, including myself, fall into the traps of society.

I have recently seen in my own family and friends crowd, individuals that are subjecting themselves to things that they normally won't because of this self-doubt. Why would you slog yourself at work for that promotion or pay rise and then when somebody, who may or may not have importance to you, comes along and questions your capability, doubt everything you have done? You know what you have achieved and you know that you have worked hard for it. What about relationships? If what attracted you to a person is now the cause of a problem, why would you feel bad for not being who they want you to be? Its clear that they never understood you in the first place, or else the attraction would have remained since you are the same person. Easy enough to implement? Not so. I am the biggest culprit in this factor. My character itself is 2 steps forward, 10 steps back. All because of self-doubt. And in my circumstance, I think it comes from the constant breakdown of confidence I experienced from a young age.

I sometimes laugh at a quote I put on my facebook page about myself. "From the secluded and seldom boring four walls of my room, i created an alter ego that has now somewhat taken over my life. So for those who've met me, the loud sarcastic biyatch that you see is beating the kind sweet timid girl inside to a pulp most of the time." The laughter comes from the fact it's the timid girl thats writing that quote as she isn't confident enough to say what she feels. For instance, I'm sometimes subjected to behaviour that I felt is inappropriate considering I'm older that the subjectee, a fact they feel isn't important. But since I somehow find myself the cause, I let go of it. To a degree, I have dealt with this issue of mine but the cobwebs still linger.

Even now as I'm typing this blog, I feel that my life has so much that still needs to be done and I'm running out of time but I don't want to lose the opportunity of just being. This contradictive feeling is something I'm constantly asking my cousins and friends to not put themsleves through. But the fact that I asked them to do as I say not as I do, doesn't help. So now what? There are so many of us that have this contradictive nature, is there a course or solution for it? A way to get out of the habit? Knowing the facts is never enough. That's why all tertiary education has an element of practicality in it. So then what? My question is not where do you find the answer. Its how do you implement it. Is there an answer to that?

I know that it may seem odd for some the way I counter-act and/or contradict myself. But this is the real me. I've always been this way and to some degree, will stay this way. But when I see some of the most prime opportunities pass me by because I cant seem to bring myself to believe in myself, or a dear friend puts herself through so much crap day-in, day-out- all in the name of LOVE- you cant help but ask these questions that, unanswered, remain to be... Thorns in the Side.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A rose is a rose is a rose


To be who I am for you
Is never quite enough
To be who I need to be
Would still be a bluff

The mystery herein
Lies with the reason
When your presence
Never lasts the season

So I flip the page
And ask myself this
Why waste the hours
When I know whats bliss
So take your time
And choose carefully
While I play my game
And live life happily

This is one of most recent poems but it's something that I've experienced quite extensively in my life. But not just me. It seems to be the situation for most of those around me. The expectation of life and society has both created and destroyed people and that's not an exaggeration as statistics would show. Take work, school, cultural groups, ethnic groups.. Whatever it maybe, there are rules that need to be followed in order to be accepted in your society. But what if we disregard acceptance(once again that word haunts)? What if we decide that living life the way we please with no concern to others/society? what is the outcome?

I know that I tend to be a little old-fashioned with my values and beliefs. But is it really wise to bring up children without knowing their heritage all because certain factors of their society aren't accepting of them or their lifestyle. At the same time, I personally have been subjected to some narrow-minded elders feeble behavior as my parents are divorced and I was living with my mother.

Forget family for a bit. Take the workplace. You may get promotions and better pay, but if you don't respect others and only do what's required for self-benefit, how many of your colleagues and employees will be loyal to you and the business?

So where do we draw the line? What do we change for others/society and what do we keep?

Sunday, July 4, 2010

A Few More...

I felt like adding some more of my writing to this blog..

Bad Move

I am so hung up on you
There's no words to explain
What you got me to do
Its one up on my brain

Just living my life is hard 
Your presence lingers on me
It's got me all torn apart
But I don't want to be free

Battling the feeling inside
Bystanders just sit and look
I smile whilst trying to hide
And smirk as I'm off hook  



Somebody help me please 
I'm addicted to you
What spell have you cast
So that I have no view

With time testing me
I rush to finish it all
Yet your presence lingers
Like leaves in the fall

Defined as it may be
What do you name it
With all the arrows set
Southward is the target

Mixing up the alcohol
Was the game plan
But the bartender
Became a crazy fan

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