Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Friend In Need ..

Whenever I get into a situation where I'm helping someone, I usually tend to trample on my family or other friends feet in the process. Not intentionally but more out of the habit of wanting to give it my all (A supposed Aquarian trait but I question that) Its a quality that has given me some great friends and also one that has me in strife with my family, especially my mum, on a lot of occassions.

However, it has always intrigued me how much people are willing to do for others. I personally have witnessed some amazing acts of kindness and support. But more confronting acts of selfishness and blatant disregard for human emotion. I mean, a simple task of getting someone the morning paper can be termed as sucking up instead of a helping hand. And there are others where someone supports a family by letting them live under the same roof while said family has restoration done to their own home.

I sometimes wonder does it really come down to the culture for people to help others and be respectful. In Australia, you are surrounded by so many different cultures and yet certain characteristics are teamed with certain races. Some can be positive like being the best hosts and others are bad like being the worst drivers. For the most part, "shouts" or paying for a get together is declared in Aussie culture.This isn't regarded disrespectful, just cautious. In others, if you are organising an event, its the hosts duty to provide for their guests. Does being precautious come with a price of being called stand-offish or arrogant towards people that are your friends? And what is the limit?

This is just an example. I personally know a person that is struggling with debt and as a group, help has been provided. But then the question rose as to how far will we go? Now, in my circumstance, I've known said friend all my life. But even I feel that her problems never seem to end. Does this make me a bad friend?. To many, this is normal. But for my mother, I should help her in any which way.

So in todays day and age, what does it take to get a helping hand for the sake of it? and not for something in return?

Monday, June 28, 2010

A few petals together..

Ok, this is a big one for me. As my second post, I’m going to take you into my world of poetry. Some of it may not seem like much. And some of may not make sense. But as previously stated, this blog is an extension of me and my friends can vouch for me when I say, I’m a true Aquarian (much to their dislike in most cases :P). I must warn you in this circumstance. My mood tends to reflect in my poems so whether I’m stressed out or ecstatic, I find some way to express it without saying what happened. I have also been told that a lot of my work has the “girl-guy” angle to it. Unfortunately, it’s something I have tried to avoid unsuccessfully.


Tilting my head back
The stars smile at me
There is a sense of home
While I am set free

There are no regrets
Just all bad memories
Avoiding those are easy
Til she makes time freeze

Warmth and security
Vanish with her presence
All that remains in me
Is what's deprived of my essence

I forge a pact within
Fears are set aside
I will be happy now
Even with nowhere to hide


You look at my face and stare
While the sun continues to glare
I've chosen to step aside from it
But strings are still attached to it

So now the water has a boundary
And the fish swim away in misery
Your reflections shows a monster
While I search for happily ever after

Your ignorance means nothing to me
As your fall is there for all to see
These paths become intertwined
Yet reasons are not defined

Last words are requested by both
While I silently take my oath
Never will this day come again
Never will I hear you say my friend



Na Jaane Kab Yeh Ho Gaya
Bas Pooche Bina Dil Kho Gaya
Kaise Kahoon Main Tumse
Jo Baat Kehni Hai Dil Se

Pyaar Karti Hoon Sabse Zyaada
Nibhanoongi Mera Yeh Vaada
Lekin Main Woh Nahin Tha
Jise Tumhaara Dil Chahta Tha

To Yeh Kyon Kahoon, Kya Zaroori Hai
Bas Yeh Samjho Yeh Meri Majhboori Hai
Na Tumse Kuch Kahoongi
Nahin Tumhaari Saath Rahoongi

Sunday, June 27, 2010

The first bloom..

As I sit in front of my laptop, contemplating what to say to the world, I cant help but think about all those times that I laughed at the word "blogging". I mean, don't get me wrong. Now that I've started it, I'm all for it but it's just an initial reaction that I believe everyone has for something new. First, dismissal, then fear, then confusion and when enough people make a whole lot of hoopla about it.. Acceptance.

Acceptance. This word has eluded my life quite a bit. Don't worry. I won't make this a sob story of my life, considering I'm a sri lankan and I know that there people in Sri Lanka that are in a worse of state. But its interesting that in every field known to man, acceptance is his aim. Money, fame and power comes straight after. To an actor, it's about accepting his talent. To a scientist, it's about accepting his creation. And on a more personal level, to a homosexual, it's about accepting s/he is human.

And for me... it's accepting that I am capable of doing great things...

This blog is intended to be an extention of me so forgive me if I ramble. Its how I am. And who I am.

"Vaazhvu thodangum idam neethane..
Vaanam mudiyum idam neethane..
Kaatrai pola nee vanthaaye..
Swasamaaha nee nindraiye..
Marbil oorum uyire..."

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