The Traveller
Tears of fire burn the flesh
Molecules form a magnetic bond
A ripple of blood seeps through the crack
An aura of worship exudes beyond
Ripping the face to smithereens
A giant lays waste beyond the shore
An enemy returns to the land nothing
With vengeance mightier than before
Rock and rubble tis thy might
As right the path quivers in the way
The journey of the giant heeds no time
As the magical being dies at the sway

Perfect Sense

Was the sun shining
Did the clouds drift away
Are paths roses and candy
Does the song make you sway

Where to talk begins to end
When to emote is where it begins
The hands slowly form ice
From elbows right to the shins

Take the courage and take form
Yet be aware of lurking shadows
A test lies quietly beyond the hill
With one left behind for the hollow

As the puzzles pieces drop down
An emotion is distinctly heard
At the end of it all, so clear
Together form two of a word


 Hidden in a dark corner
A fluttering little shadow
Making the best of present
While the residence is hollow

 Meager in existence
Yet disjoined from here
No tales of yore nor moro
Just flames fuel the fear

 What more could be devoured
When solitude shows its face
The words you stumble on to
Need no rhythm, rhyme or pace

 There is choice to bend and flow
A distinctive mask to adorn
Sparkling like glass diamonds
Let go the image of scorn

The Advisor

 Take it from me
There is no point
No justice no morals
Nothing is joint

 Each to his own
Make no mistake
Don’t try to feel
Just accept the fake

 Who are you to ask
Comment or say
No shame of mine
Nor game to play

 Accept the seldom
Smile at the like
Don’t say a word
Just take the hike

So hear me well
Take it from me
No point to invest
No care they see


Take a bite from the skin
Feel the slither run thin
Like a burst at the seem
Watch the red fall and gleam
Not a whisper heard in sight
No caution to feel fright
But the masquerade ball
Shows face masks to all
As picture begins to fade
The sun hides in the shade
Draw the silver from within
As the mirror shows your sin


Droplets of sun
Slide all into one
A move distinct
A beat in sync

A flowing wave
Insatiability gave
Unknown vision
Yet exact precision

One fingernail
Tells many a tale
Rose petaled skin
Agony from within

No wired bounds
But control resound
Floating in the wind
Standing as if pinned


Surprise Surprise

A strong sense of disbelief
A moment to recompose
Vital signs stay strong
Yet a portion starts to decompose

Trickling droplets slither away
A tinge of red jaded in sight
The lapse in innocence
Unfolds strength to fight
Untold urgencies mount
Where shredded garments pile up
Guilt charred skin withers
Like leaves in a cup

Velvet surfaces settle the heart
The mind nestles into place
Forget the past you remember
Home has filled its place


Under the Skin

 The ripples underneath the skin
Form a barrier ever so thin
With shards of glass falling away
The sense of being emerges from clay

Plain and simple yet defined in lines
As grass speaks you are my kind
Do you believe the words of after
While the halls fill with laughter

Near fatal wounds draw to the light
For pandemonium to begin the fight
Sway one way and you're bound to fall
Then there's the other to stand tall

Tip toe to the end of time
And the shadow becomes like mine
Crack the bottle to show it bleed
The path rises for you to heed


An Outcome Unseen

A lingering shadow looms large
Havoc it's goal to create
Fear and uncertainty wander
Irrespective of their fate

A choice is made to change
In effort to keep it at bay
But the world has it game
And everyone has to play

A knife taken to the heart
And blood spills steady and slowly
Yet the vines that kept it here
Are neither sane nor holy

The question remains simple
Whether its admitted or not
From the first shining star
We live with what we've got


I dont want to know
Just continue the show
You mean less to me
Thats the way it's to be

What more can you say
When it's not my way
So rip up the past
Since the present wont last

I'm banging against a wall
But cant stop the fall
So now its out the door
With no tears on the floor

Nothing will change this
So I mustn't now exist
Goodbye to the intensity
No more loving fiercely


Last words

Goodnight my world, the end is near
Goodnight my world, the pain stops here
Goodnight my world, there's no reason to hide
Goodnight my world, that was the last time I cried

Goodbye my world, there's no sun to shine
Goodbye my world, this is the end of the line
Goodbye my world, my friends I will miss
Goodbye my world, with memories of bliss

With nothing more to say
And no swing to sway
A telephone goes click
And a switch given the flick

Silence blankets all around
No heart continues to pound
A still window sill shimmers
An then in come the others


Girl With a Floral Dress

A murky image of what was before
Combined with how it should be
Yet all you have in your hands
Is a figment of this so called me

I see the darkness clouding the sun
I see the frowns on its glaring faces
But where am I to find an answer
When I get lost in unknown places

Scorpions attack as words are spoken
Veins break loose with droplets flowing
The sea is faded with thorns and pieces
As the shiny mirror is no longer glowing

A crimson stone lays on the floor
A shredded flower glimmers in the light
There once was girl with a flower dress
Now remains a corpse, out of sight

Forgotten Bond

Do I tell you the secrets of my life
While you walk away to become a wife 
The hole that is left in place
Has me questionning my head space

Yet it's not your happiness that I want
The essence of me recognized that font
However insignificant this life can be
Its measured with a lengthy memory

I bumble around to get together
What's considered to be my treasure
As the heart desires so much more
Constrictions guide you to the shore

Yet words don't express what is felt
As persistence is tried and begins to melt
This baby girl is forever a fragment
Yet may some day become a pigment


My friends

Crawling through my veins
A secret threatens to show
Not one will understand
But in time, all will know

The wait is unbearable
While capacity is overdone
The seams though limited
Are bursting, one by one

Silence becomes deafening
Minutes turn to hours
The walls are closing in
While we fight for what's ours

Yet what's different now
When did it all matter
A rose path never expected
But it won't last forever



Raindrops trickle down the window sills
An image floats through the droplets
Each breath filled with numbness settles
Open spaces show a blank face it reflects

A wallclock shows the minutes gone by 
The temperature drops a degree more
Existence reduces itself to that of a fly
No movements, even down to the core

But the mind doesn't cease to function through this
A replay of events haunts within
Each second recovering more and more truths
Like thousands of worms out of a tin



Leaves may fall and become new
As the day may bask in sunlight blue
A ruffling sound may skim the ear
Whispering a word softly and clear

The dulled shadow of picture so old
Or an event that may never be told
With time passing by with what shall be
The task of being will set you free

Like a bullet instantly shot to the brain
A reaction to wipe these tears in vain
How do you stop a memory from forming
As something simple starts without warning

Yet a road of flowers has been left
With thorns and petals in each breath
No wounds will ever stay the same
Those smiles are for you to claim

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