Painting - 2010

While this isn't the first time I have painted on a large campas but since I'm sharing it with I feel this is special in its own way. So from a clean slate I have added some pic of my progress since I started. As the days go, I will be adding some more pics until the last day. Even though these pics are up I am still open to ideas so where you think I can improve or add something, let me.

9/12/10 - 12/12/10

The canvas size is 76cm x 92cm. Unfortunately I wasn't able to get water colours paints like my darling Gisha suggested. But I am definitely going to try that as well soon.

Although this is the bottom right corner, the camera pic is making it look like the bottom left corner.

This is after I developed it a bit.

Poor Elephant. my camera has him sideways. Will try to fix this and post more pics.

Took  a bit of a break from painting while I got some more suggestions. Here's the next lot of photos.

25/12/10 - 28/12/10

I was having trouble with one of my suggestion so I thought why beat around the bush and make it more difficult than it is. So here's some more pics of Betty Boop and the background. By no means, is the painting done since I dont want the background to be the forefront topic but with that now down, the flow is easier to implement..


As the time ticks away, the painting is taking a shape I really didn't expect. Can't wait to see the full version.. 31st December, 2010 Midnight, here I come!

30/12/10 - 31/12/10

For the final painting... click here

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