Tuesday, September 30, 2014


As I glare out the window
I take moment to catch a cold
Breathing ice through my lips
Wearing and withering a soul

Fictitious creatures crawl inside
Sheltered in dewdrop of tears 
Not a sound to be seen in light
Just a swish of piercing spears

Stumbling out from the wreckage
All that is left and whatever remains
No blankets to embrace for us
Only the darkness within stains

Coastlines are now closed in the view
A tremble from what began before
So much yet so little to explore
Worthless mention of this yore

Pilla to Pellam - My Wedding

I don't know why I didn't plaster this all over my page. Maybe fear, maybe laziness or maybe because I couldn't find the right words. In any case, I am letting you in on the next page of my life story. The writing has become less but I don't think I would be complete, without it being here. Granted its only a few photos, but I hope you get the feeling of warmth, love, family and tradition as I do. Even though I strike a pose every now and then. 

I guess the best thing about these photos is that no matter what happened leading up to the day and what was to happen after, you wont see them in the photos. In fact, I contemplated that I did make a mistake with not having a video until I looked at us in these photos. I remember starting the day off by having to race to the shops for the toe rings (metti) because everyone forgot. I remember my bridesmaid (Pombala Thozhi) saying the groom to be was freaking out and it was cute. Yet, none of it shows. 

He isn't perfect. He gets cranky. He says "what's your point" a lot. His sense of music is that of a purist. He is forever correcting me. But he loves me. For me. For what I do. For how I am. The faces, the pouting, the silence, the yapping, the crazy, the fun. All of it. Just me.

So... He is my life, my love, my husband. And this is our wedding day.

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