Saturday, March 17, 2012

And It Begins Again!!

There is always something that everyone finds a solace in. For some its shopping, for some, its music. I'd like to think its movies for me but the truth is, the one thing that makes me forget where I am to the point of forgetting the day/time it is, is painting. Even with my writing, I have a lazy streak that makes its presence known some time. Hence the month and months that I have spent thinking I have so many reviews that I should finish or write but havent got around to. On top of that, as the days progresed, the confidence in the written words dwindled. Result? A bit of a hold up in the creative factory in my head. I have been away for longer than expected. However, I am glad to admit that I am loving that fact I'm back and whats more, with me returns the wonderful painting challenge that I did back in 2011. (Check this out to understand).
Yet even as I venture down this road again, there is so many things I am unsure of. The how and the why is pretty much the same as before with my format being scryllic and reason, well me. But the what is my question to you.

So as the poster suggests, I am collecting ideas this time as well. I have already had a generous dose from work colleagues but it wouldn't be fair not to include those that were there last time if I didn't let y'all know. Especially since this is a bigger, better version for me...

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